The Perfect Sleep Ritual


In the world, where we are always on the go, go, go, we find ourselves in a lot of routines that pull us in different directions. Wake up, work, go home. Lather, rinse, repeat. We have routines throughout the day, but what about at night? Why don’t we have a routine for bed?  With this ritual, restless nights are a thing of the past. Fall asleep fast and soundly by combining intuitive yoga to relax the mind and body, followed up with a soothing lavender salt bath to clear dense energies, leaving you free and clear for take off to dreamland. Use this ritual every night or whenever you are having trouble sleeping.


What you’ll need:


  • Candles (4)

  • Your favorite tea (non-caffeinated, optional)

  • Yoga mat or blanket

  • Your favorite bath salt blend or epsom salt (be sure they have calming effects)

  • Selenite Crystal

  • Lavender essential oil

  • Smudge tool of choice


What to do:


  1. Gather your ritual items and place them in front of you. Light your smudge tool and cleanse you, your items and the bathroom and the space you will do your yoga. Imagine bright white healing light penetrating everything. 

  2. Put out your yoga mat or blanket and start your tea if you have it. Take this time to intuitive stretch, breathing deeply through the areas where you feel tension( I recommend doing yin style yoga). Consciously go to each body part starting from your toes and relax it. Relax your shoulders, jaw, and eyes. It is time to relax. Take all the time you need. If you have tea, take sips in between stretches. Take time to feel the warmth of the mug, the smell of the herbs, the taste of your tea. Fully immerse yourself  in the moment. Be present with yourself.

  3. Now that you are relaxed, it's time to run the bath. Take your candles, bath salts, crystal, and essential to the bathroom.

  4. Light your candles and place them in the corners of the tub, if applicable. Please be sure to place them in areas where they are safe from catching anything on fire. 

  5. Take your bath salts and add them to the bath. Recite the following or anything that comes to mind. “With this salt, I relax my mind, body, and soul”. Swirl the salt around with your dominant hand in the water clockwise until the salt has dissolved. 

  6. Now, take the lavender essential oil and add a few drops and say this or whatever aligns with you. “ With this oil, I let go of the day to prepare my body for a restful sleep.”

  7. If you want to add botanicals or dried herbs in your bath you can do so now. Add anything else that will help you relax (I like to listen to meditation music on my headphones).

  8. Time to soak! Hop on in and relax. Take on the time you need to achieve maximum relaxation!

  9. When you are ready, drain the bath. Be sure to thank the water, salt and oil for the work they have done. If you used botanicals and other herbs, collect them and store them. You can bury them outside in the earth or you can throw them away in the trash the next day. Snuff out your candles and say, “I am now ready for sleep”.

  10. Climb into bed and hold your favorite crystal close to your heart and lips. Whisper this affirmation into the crystal: “I am now falling asleep with only positive thoughts about myself and my life. I am refreshed every morning with a new and positive outlook. I am glorified with a new day to bless myself and others. I am now falling asleep, effortlessly and peacefully...Goodnight”.

  11. Place the crystal under your pillow and enjoy your trip to dreamland!


Good Night!!