Type of Healing Crystals

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Types of Healing Crystals

Crystals possess their own consciousness and spirit. They possess an electromagnetic pull that is directed to those who desire or need their energy. Through my journey of crystals, I have found that the crystals that I was initially attracted to were the very crystals that I needed in my life. Did the crystal call to me or did my gut just know? No way to tell but either way I’m glad to witness the power that they contain.

Crystals can be used for a number as things especially as a healing tool or aid. One can properly harness their energy if they know what types of crystals they are working with. There are 6 categories of crystals that we will discuss. Knowing what type of healing crystal is important especially in building crystal grids. This can help you pinpoint what exactly you need or wish to manifest in your life.

The six categories are, Seeker, Attractor, Enhancer, Guardian, Barrier and Dispeller crystals. Each type has a certain function that can be harnessed and combined with your intentions to make your desire come true.

Seeker Crystals

Seeker crystals are pointers, directors, and compasses. They help you align your feelings for new beginnings into thoughts that are focused on discovery. Those thoughts lead to actions that result in the discovery of the new approaches, new angles, and new beginnings you seek. Those actions, as they become habits, develop into a new life.

Seeker crystals are probably the most popular type of crystal. When you need help to find new relationships, new love, new capabilities, new experiences, or new ways of living, Seekers give you the needed ability to focus and amplify your abilities to seek out the new elements you desire. Seekers contain the crystal energy structure that aligns the natural energy of the crystal to the natural power of the human mind to find your way to new horizons and new capabilities.

List of Seeker Crystals

  • Rose quartz

  • Ruby

  • Sapphire

  • Tiger’s eye

  • Tourmaline

  • Citrine

  • Clear quartz

  • Emerald

  • Jasper

  • Sardonyx

  • Beryl

  • Calcite

  • Cinnabar

  • Hematite

  • Morganite

  • Mookaite

  • Amethyst

  • Carnelian

  • Onyx

  • Rhodochrosite

  • Blue lace agate

  • Aquamarine

  • Aventurine

  • Chalcedony

  • Jasper

Attractor Crystals

Attractors have an internal structure built on the rectangle that often manifests itself by producing minerals with a surface sheen that seems to catch your eye and attract you to the crystal or even the rough mineral specimen. These crystals, like Zircon, stand out and are noticed by the play of light over their surface. These crystals are perfect when your purpose is to attract someone or something to you.

Attractor crystals exude energy like a magnet towards the things you wish to manifest. With that in mind, it is a great idea to use seeker crystals in addition to attractor crystals in your grid. The seeker crystal shines light on what it is you want and the attractor crystal brings it closer toward you. It's a match made in heaven and the energy is potent between the two. They will work hand in hand, bringing you closer to your desires.

List of Attractor Crystals:

  • Scapolite

  • Powellite

  • Apophyllite

  • Rutilated Quartz

  • Carlestonite

  • Pyrolusite

  • Stolzite

  • Zircon

  • Cassiterite

  • Leucite

  • Morialite

  • Phogensite

  • Scheelite

  • Vesuvianite

  • Chalcopyrite

Enhancer Crystals

Enhancers are minerals and crystals that form in the Isometric crystal system. They have internal crystal lattices of perfect cubic symmetry and internal harmony. They form perfect building blocks internally. Often this internal structure of equality and perfect right angles produces crystals of equally perfect external shapes: cubes!

This type of crystal urges us to improve our current strengths, assets, and positive circumstances, only to harbor more of the good that already exists within our lives.

Use Enhancer crystals in your grid when you wish to build upon your current circumstance. Such as, improving your mental and or physical health, attaining success in your place of work, enhancing relationship dynamics.

List of Enhancer Crystals:

  • Andradite

  • Garet

  • Sperrylite

  • Barnite

  • Halite

  • Spessartine

  • Chromite

  • Lazurite

  • Spinel

  • Cuprite

  • Magnetite

  • Sulfur

  • Diamond

  • Peacock Ore

  • Sylvite

  • Dravite

  • Pyrite

  • Tsavorite

  • Fluorite

  • Pyrope

  • Uvarovite

  • Galena

  • Sodalite

Guardian Crystals

The minerals that form in this monoclinic system are also known as the Dream Holders. They often appear to have a hazy surface as if there is something veiled from our sight just beneath the surface. This is best observed in the Moonstone. This stone, being a Dreamholder, is a particularly powerful mineral when used to aid you in focusing your energy to hold onto your dreams.

When you have something you want to protect use a crystal that forms in the monoclinic system. These Guardian crystals have an internal structure that is composed of parallelograms. The parallel structure of their crystalline lattice gives these crystals their power to protect us in the physical world and in the spiritual one.

In the physical world they are excellent aids in protecting your loved ones, your possessions, and your physical security. They are very useful in protecting houses and homes, property, and valuables. If you have prized possessions you want to guard and protect, use a Guardian crystal. They are also useful for travelers and adventures to take with them on their travels as insurance against harm. They are useful for emergency workers, soldiers, sailors, and airmen in the performance of their dangerous duties.

Guardian Crystals, when paired with Enhancer Crystals, can create a very powerful grid. By combining the two, you magnify the protection around what it is you want to preserve.

List of Guardian Crystals:

  • Alabaster

  • Gypsum

  • Preseli

  • Bluestone

  • Azurite

  • Howlite

  • Realgar

  • Charoite

  • Jade

  • Rosasite

  • Chrysocolla

  • Jadeite

  • Selenite

  • Creedite

  • Kunzite

  • Serpentine

  • Datolite

  • Lazulite

  • Spirit Quartz

  • Desert Rose

  • Lepidolite

  • Stilbite

  • Epidote

  • Malachite

  • Fuchsite

  • Muscovite

Barrier Crystals

The Barrier crystals are similar to Guardian crystals; the difference is the focus. Guardian crystals focus on protecting and maintaining what you already have. On the other hand, the Barrier crystals shield you from things that we do not desire, whether it be a situation or a particular object. For instance, a Guardian crystal can be used to guard our health, whereas, a Barrier crystal can be used to keep a particular disease away. The way in which this type of crystal is used depends on what it is you wish to protect. If you have a general purpose, use a Guardian crystal. If you have something specific you wish you protect yourself from, use Barrier crystals. You can increase the amount of protection when both crystals are used together.

Barrier crystals contain a Triclinic structure, meaning it doesn't have any right angles. Instead, barriers are formed in all directions within their unique internal shapes, making them extremely powerful stone of protection. Use these stones when you wish to protect yourself against misfortunes of all kinds, including accidents, financial loss,heartbreak, and the unknown.

List of Barrier Crystals:

  • Amazonite

  • Larimar

  • Turquoise

  • Andesine

  • Microcline

  • Ulexite

  • Bustamite

  • Moonstone

  • Wulfenite

  • Bytownite

  • Pectolite

  • Epistilite

  • Pyroxmangite

  • Inesite

  • Rhodonite

  • Kyanite

  • Serandite

  • Labradorite

  • Sunstone

Dispeller Crystals

Dispeller crystals are formed under the orthorhombic system, meaning they have an internal molecular that has multiple outward facing points that have been said to be helpful in directing negative energy away from whoever possesses it.

Dispeller crystals can be very effective in helping us to let go of old patterns and unwanted patterns, experiences,and feelings.

Use Dispeller crystals on your grid when you wish to cleanse, detoxify, or release old patterns in your life. Dispellers can inspire us to rid ourselves of worry, toxic relationships, stress, financial difficulty, and many other troublesome areas of our lives.

List of Dispeller Crystals:

  • Adamite

  • Chrysoberyl

  • Phenite

  • Andalusite

  • Danburite

  • Stibnite

  • Anglesite

  • Dumortierite

  • Tanzanite

  • Anhydrite

  • Goethite

  • Topaz

  • Aragonite

  • Hemimorphite

  • Variscite

  • Bronzite

  • Natrolite

  • Zoisite

  • Brookite

  • Olmiite

  • Celestine

  • Peridot

Happy Crystal Hunting!

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