The Structure of a Crystal Grid

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

In order to build a successful crystals grid, it is important to know what the components are and what their function is. The more you know, the better you can create a crystal grid that closely matches your intentions or whatever it is you wish to manifest in the physical world. Intention First things first, you must have an intention. Without an intention, how will you take action or manifest anything? It could be big or small. Like getting a promotion or releasing old patterns that do not serve you in your current life. Intention setting is like the vehicle. It provides you with the potential to get around. It sets a foundation on which you can build on. Need help setting an intention? Click here. Crystals or Gemstones Next thing is selecting the right healing crystals for your grid. Once you know what your intention is, it's easier to select crystals that resonate with it. Each crystal contains certain attributes that could help alleviate, eliminate, or improve situations or experiences within your life. Crystal Placement Crystal placement serves a greater purpose than just for aesthetics. There a 3 types of positions to fill on a crystal grid. These positions are referred to the Focus stone, Way stone, and Desire stone. The crystals you choose to put in these positions are up to you and the energy you wish to channel within your grid.

Focus Stone The focus stone is found at the center of your grid. Its position channels the creative power of the universe. It sets the tone, distributing its channeled energy throughout the crystal grid. with that being said, it is important to know your intention of the grid. Is it to protect? To attract? To connect to the divine? What ever you choose, it important to know that types of healing crystals to help you narrow it down. The focus stone is usually the largest stone on the grid, such as a cluster, point, or any other carved shape. If you are every unsure on what crystal to use, a Clear Quartz crystal always get the job done. Way Stone The way stone collects the energy projected from the focus stone. It modifies and amplifies the energy, providing the "way" to your desires.These stones represent the points on our journey to achieve our desire. They give us the energy to take things one step at a time, while focusing on our ultimate goal. When choosing a way stone ask yourself, 'How will I get to my goal?' Will it be through self love? Better communication? or will it be by setting boundaries? These questions will help you to select the right crystals in the way stone position. Desire stone Desire Stones represent the final outcome of the intention set on the grid. The purpose of the Desire Stone is all about manifesting and dispersing the grids energy to us. To bring us the energy and power we need to improve and enrich our lives and the lives of others. When choosing a Desire stone, ask yourself, 'What do I desire?'. Financial abundance? Love? Confidence? These answers will help you find the right stone for your grid. Sacred Geometry Shapes Sacred Geometry is the language of the universe. It is what connects us with all matter in the universe. These sacred patterns show us our beginning, our end, everything in between and beyond. When we combine our intentions, the right healing crystals and a geometric pattern we create and intensify our needs to the universe. Each shape contains certain attributes that harmonizes and connects the energies of the surrounding crystals. Thus, amplifies your intention. Click here to learn more about the Sacred Geometry patterns and their meanings.

Happy Gridworking!

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