Selecting Crystals by their Element

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

With all the crystals to choose from out there in the world, it can be quite overwhelming when looking to build your squad.

One method that could make your crystal shopping experience easier would be to select a crystal by the elements.

We're not talking about the elements on the periodic table, we're talking about the elements we find out on a macro scale. Air, water, fire, and earth. These 4 elements make up everything around us. They are critical energy sources that have the capacity to sustain life. Without these guys, let’s just say, you wouldn’t be here..AT ALL. So, yeah, let’s be grateful or that for a sec. All four elements make up an integral part of the physical universe and the human body is an extension of that. We are a part of these elements and they are a part of us. The same thing goes for crystals.( I keep telling you guys we are walking crystals, you’ll see).

Based on our observation of things on Earth, we have come to conclude that things are wet, dry, hot, and cold. Hot and dry come together to produce Fire. Hot and wet produce Air. Cold and Dry yield to Earth and cold and wet produce water. All of these elements make up your physical body and what animates it is your spirit or also known as your ‘prana, aether, or spirit’.

The elements are here to lead you towards self mastery. They provide somewhat of a roadmap that teaches you how to live the best life possible for YOU. It’s like hot molten metal, with the metal in this state, you have an opportunity to mold and shape your life anyway you choose to. The way you respond, large or small, is the integral element that not only defines who you are but also shapes what your future will hold.

Okay, okay, let’s talk about the elements.


The fire element represents drive, it exudes passion. It is the why that makes us do what we do. It's a powerful, moving force that brings great change to all that are exposed to it. Fire is infectious, spreading rapidly. Fire has the power to cleanse and is the cause of rebirth. It destroys whatever is in its path. It transforms physical energy into another state.

Fire can also be described as the trials and tribulations in your life. How will you respond to them? Will you be a victim or the victor? Will you take control of your own destiny or let it crumble? These “obstacles” are put in our way to change course, to start anew, or to see another perspective.

The fire element is associated with Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius of the zodiac. These signs burn hot with fiery passion towards their goal. Careful, you might get burned.

Fire is the only element that produces actual light, enabling life. Yet, in order to thrive, it must use another resource. Something must be destroyed in the process. Now, think about that as we compare this observation in our daily lives. In order to pursue your passions, something must be destroyed or given up. In our lives, we hold on the beliefs that could inhibit us from doing what our soul is calling us to do. The fire element gives you the courage to go against your fears or belief systems to achieve your hearts desire. If you wish to grasp this energy, selecting a crystal of the fire element might be what you need.

Using crystals and stones of the Fire element is great if you want to:

● Increase energy

● Increase vital power

● Awakened enthusiasm

● Protect your aura

● Fight against psychic attacks

● Strengthen your will

● Perform purification

● Shows you where you are resisting the Universe

Here are some stones that belong to the Fire element:

Amber, Apache Tear, Citrine, Carnelian, Ruby, Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Flint, Sardonyx, Red Tourmaline, Sunstone, Spinel, Sulfur.

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The Earth element is stable and reliable. We know this because we have lived on the planet Earth our whole lives and never questioned its existence. Earth element has nurturing energy and provides stability to all that inhabit it. It provides a home base and governs the realms of prosperity, health and abundance. The earth element provides a stable foundation that allows you to build whatever you desire. The Earth has got your back. With this stable foundation, you can focus on achieving higher states of consciousness, get to know your inner emotions and develop a strong sense of self. The earth element gives you the freedom to advance to the aspects of life beyond the physical dimension and reap the rich rewards that come with that advancement.

When we are embodied as a human, composed of earthy elements, we are able to notice and comprehend our lack of alignment with this inherent balance. This is the key lesson of the Earth Element. For, once we comprehend our suffering, we have available a path to end it. The earth element brings that energy to light.

Grounded and strong, Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus, represent the earth element. These signs are focused, know what they want and have a strong sense of self. Best to get out of their way.

Using crystals and stones of the Earth element is great if you want to manifest:

● Grounding your energy

● Centering and stabilizing your energy

● Protect your energy field

● Attract money

● Gain strength

● Attract success

● Improve fertility

● Grow plants

Crystals that harness the energy of the earth:

Hematite, Malachite, Amazonite, Bronzite, Jade, Agate, Black Tourmaline, Onyx,Obsidian, Jasper, Aventurine, Cacholong, Gagate, Jadeite, Quartz, Turquoise, Nephrite.

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The element of water is in constant motion, everflowing, adapting and changing within its environment. The ebb and flow of the waters bring life to physical form. This is the element of conception and death, of illusions and fairytales, holding the secret to our Soul - it's beginning and its end.

With the energy of the water element, we explore the inner world of our emotions. Feeling and exploring old patterns or new possibilities. All is possible within the element of water.

Exploring the waters gives you the opportunity to discover what true peace and harmony mean to you. Water is cleansing, it is purifying removing all that keeps you from being your authentic self. You will find emotional relief when dealing with the element of water, its ebb and flow gently rocks to you to newer states of consciousness, helping you realize what you need in order to live the best life aspired for. It connects the spirit with the soul.

Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are ruled by the element of water. Truly empathic, with the sensation of water, they can pick up feelings and sensations around them, allowing them to sense an unseen emotional world that most don’t speak of.

Harness the energy of the water element if you wish to manifest:

● induce healing

● make peace with somebody

● make new friends

● perform purification

● induce peace

● expand universal love

● induce lucid dreams

● practice divination

● increase intuition

Collect these crystals, when you want to enhance the element of water in your life:

Emerald, Chrysoberyl, Opal, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Coral, Hematite, Chalecdony, Jade, Pearl, Lapis Lazuli, Sugilite, Amethyst, Chrysocolla, Rose Quartz, and Coral.

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Air is also a vital element to our existence; without it we couldn't live. Breathe is our very existence. The air element represents intellect and knowledge. Light and free, this energy represents the way you communicate your ideas verbally and the way people process these communications.

Air governs the mind and thought. All that is possible lives here. Air is an Element of movement. It is not fixed to the ground, but instead can rise up and travel around the globe. Air’s energies can cause rapid change, such as shifts in the wind’s direction and fluctuations in temperature. Air is essential to life because it contains oxygen, but also because it scatters seeds across the ground so that new plant life can take root in the Earth.

The air is the unseen glue that keeps life going. It’s everywhere, yet unattached. The element of Air gives us room to breathe, widens our lungs, and with them, opens our Soul to personal freedom. All signs that belong to this element have a strong need to feel liberated and free. Embodying the element of air means having sufficient distance from and control over the thinking and discerning mind itself that these aspects of mind can be stilled on command.

Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini are the witty signs that govern the element of air. Air people are brilliant, curious, independent, talkative (they literally fill the air with words), observant, and entertaining, but they are also impractical and restless. Air people are intellectuals always on a quest for new information.

Use the air element if you wish to:

● enhance your intellectual abilities

● develop inspiration

● improve memory

● improve communication

● expand awareness

● bring up new possibilities

Resonate with the Air element with these crystals:

Sapphire, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Tourmaline, Topaz, Gold Beryl, Chrysolite, Rhodonite, Blue Chalcedony, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Peridot, Carnelian, Aventurine, Opal, Tiger's eye, Mica, White Fluorite, Turquoise.

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The elements reflect the very life that resides within us. They show us who we are. They give us guidance towards life living the best life possible for YOU. Self mastery is integration with all parts of yourself, not one particular aspect. Crystals play a huge role in that. They embody the elements bringing you closer to discovering who you really are.

Happy Hunting!

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