Sacred Geometry Patterns and their Meaning

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Sacred Geometry Patterns and their Meanings

This isn’t the shit we were learning in geometry class. They left a HUGE chunk out and the information I’m about to share with you is about to get a whoooole lot deeper.

First things first.

What in hell does sacred geometry mean?

The word Geometry comes from the Greek word, “Geo” meaning “Earth”, and the word “Metron '' meaning “to measure”, or “Earthly measurements”. The study of geometry goes waaaay past Ancient Greece. Don’t let them fool you .Sacred geometry has been found in ancient Egypt, China, the Indus Valley and other earlier civilizations. It was believed by the ancients that some Divine Order exists in the natural world, which is the basis and substance of all life. Everything in nature, from the smallest atom and seeds of creation, to the galaxies of space, the vast infinite universe of the cosmos, share similar structures and patterns.

Now that we have a clear definition, we can now go further into the different patterns that present themselves in nature and how we can use them in our crystal gridwork.

Circle (Sphere)

The circle represents Oneness, competition and Unity. There is no beginning. There is no end. The circle represents the infinite support of the universe. This simple shape is the first projection of our consciousness, giving us a sense of where we are in the void. The circle or sphere contains the directions Up, down, left, right, front and back, creating a field around you.

The circle inspires constancy, stability and well being. When we use it in our gridwork, it brings us connection, divine flow, renewals, support and protection.

Use this Shape to:

Strengthen bond of friendships and commitments

Develop a sense of inner peace and connection with the universe

Promote security and protection

Bring upon feelings of renewal, clarity and well-being

Vesica Piscis

The Vesica Pisces is the second movement of creation. It is said that light was created within this pattern. Two perfect circles combining, creating a bridge between two worlds. It is a power symbol for enhancing unity and connection.

Use this form in your grid when you wish to build a connection or bridge a gap between someone or something. The uniting circles will help you to find balance and connection in the middle ground of any situation.

Use this shape to:

Improve relationships

Promote harmony and balance

Promote understanding

Connect with with others and you higher self

Promote rebirth and transformation

Borromean Rings

The Borromean rings are an ancient symbol for unity. They consist of three interlocking circles that would collapse if any given part was broken. This pattern is also known as the Trinity Rings.

This shape symbolizes our link to the Holy Spirit and our fellow neighbor. Due to its link to the divine, this symbol is known to be a very versatile shape. Use this pattern when you wish to achieve a miracle, as the basis of all miracles begins with the ability to see no separation between others and ourselves. This shape is great to use when trying to manifest teamwork or cooperating with a group who looks to serve a common goal. This pattern can also be used to alleviate and or prevent stress and tension and inspire cooperation and harmony.

Use this grid to:

Manifest miracles

Alleviate tension

Inspire teamwork and cooperation

Offer support in work, friendships and or family

Deepen connections

The Tripod of Life

The shape is very similar to a curved triangle. It is the highlighted shape that is within the Borromean rings . The Tripod of life can also be referred to as the “pregnant triangle”.

The tripod of life can be found within various geometrical shapes, such as The Flower of Life and The Seed of Life. Because of this, it is said to offer much of the same energies, but in a more focused and concentrated way. The rings seem to have fallen away, leaving only the core. The Tripod of life reflects that, allowing us to cut away all that does not align with us.

Use this pattern in your crystal grid when you wish to bring intense focus in any area of your life. It can also be used to supercharge creative energies and increase inspiration. When focusing on the core, it enables us to sift through the clutter of our mind and keep focus on what is important for us at the moment. It is also known to be helpful in matters related to family, romantic relationships and fertility.

Use this shape to:

Begin a new journey of any kind

Boost creativity

Start a family

Bring a new project or adventure

Build an intense romantic connection

The Seed of Life

The Seed of life is one of the most common and useful shapes associated with crystal grids, which is best used for manifesting actionable desires.

The Seed of Life consists of seven interlocking circles that come together in a form of a flower in the center. Its shape has been associated with the 6 days of creation and is associated with the appearance of cells dividing (meiosis).

This shape possesses highly creative energy, with its replicating of spheres, brings balance, harmony and protection. Use The Seed of Life in your grids when you wish to see a task through to completion or accomplish a goal of any kind.

The Seed of Life is the first step of creation, its overlapping circles bring about manifestation and possibilities. This grid also represents creativity as the rings grow and expand within the shape, eventually forming The Flower of Life, which we will discuss next.

To seal and protect your grid, you can add an extra circle with Guardian or Dispeller crystals, if you wish. You can add an additional ring of protection around any crystal grid. Go crazy.

Use this shape to:

Attract good luck and abundance

Maintain energy and stamina

See a task or goal through to completion

Enhance creativity

Manifest goals and dreams

Build new habits

Develop strong will power

The Flower of Life

The Flower of life is an expanded version of The Seed of Life. You can find other shapes, such as the Tripod of Life, the Vesica Pisces, and Metatron’s Cube within it. As we go further you will realize that these shapes possess the same attributes. These patterns begin to overlap one another and the energies are amplified from within.

The Flower of Life consists of 19 intertwined circles which we see repeated out in nature. This pattern can be used for virtually any intention you wish to build on. If you are ever unsure of using a pattern, choose the Flower of Life. You can't go wrong with it. It possesses everything you need and it gets you. This pattern understands you because it is YOU.

Much like the Seed of Life, this shape is known to hold energy of harmony, balance, creation, manifestation, and renewal. Use this is in your crystal grid when you wish to manifest a new result or open the way for another possibility in a situation or experience where you feel stuck or have no other options. This pattern is great for introspection and helps promote knowledge, wisdom, and self esteem.

Use this shape to:

Restore harmony and balance

Attract wealth and abundance

Create new opportunities

Manifest goals and dreams

Promote knowledge and self awareness

Increase confidence and self esteem

Star Of David

This symbol is mainly known as a Judaic symbol, consisting of two triangles pointing in opposition to each other forming a six-pointed star.

The merging of the two triangles can act as a powerful call for harmony and union within us. The six-pointed star represents the union between the spiritual and physical worlds. The Star of David takes the shape of a hexagonal form, which we often see in nature, such as, honeycombs and snowflakes.

The star of David is a versatile shape that can be used for many different purposes, especially where harmony is needed. Use this shape in your grid to bring peace and balance to any situation. If you are feeling anxious or stressed this can be a useful shape. It can also be helpful in deepening levels of connection and cooperation in relationships.

Use this shape to:

Inspire spiritual connection

Reduce stress and anxiety

Restore harmony and balance

Improve symmetry in relationships

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron's Cube is known to contain all the building blocks of the universe. It contains the five platonic solids and the geometric symbols of many world faiths. It shows how all these forms come together as one. This is a stabilizing, harmonizing geometric. It is an excellent form to use when you are seeking to call forth and stabilize the core essence of an object.

For others, Metatron's Cube operates as a kind of cleansing device. By imagining the symbol not as a stationary thing, but moving in a clockwise direction, it repulses and disperses negative energy while acting as a kind of battery for you to draw energy from. This centrifugal force, even if it's only in your mind, can allow you to shake off the negativity of a difficult day, and move forward with positive energy flowing into and through you.

Use this shape to:

Bring harmony and balance to any situation

Protect yourself or the situation from negative energy

Bring an energizing quality to your life or situation

Promote creativity and inspiration

Square (Cube)

This shape offers intense strength as it represents one of the most powerful shapes in sacred geometry. With four sides of equal parts, the square is symbolic to the world's physical boundaries.

This shape helps us to know our limits, set boundaries, and provide a sense of security. This is one of the reasons why we chose this shape when we build our homes. The square shape offers a sense of confidence i n knowing that we are all safe in our connection with the earth.

In nature, squares can be found in a variety of common crystals like pyrite and even table salt. Square has been associated with the four seasons( Summer, Spring, Winter, and Fall), the four directions(North, south, East, and West), and the four elements( Water, Fire, Air, Earth).

Use this form in your grid when you seek to build strength, self confidence, or stability. It is very useful for promoting protection and it is very helpful in creating reasonable boundaries.

Use this shape to:

Enhance feelings of stability and strength

Build on goals and dreams

Inspire a sense of safety and protection

Set and maintain personal boundaries

Improve self confidence


The triangle is a symbol of the union of the mind, body, and spirit. Consisting of three points and three lines, this shape provides us with the power of elevation. The upward facing point of the triangle can be helpful in raising our perceptions and connecting us to higher levels of consciousness. This shape can help you achieve spiritual wisdom and enhance divine communication.

Use this shape in your grid when you wish to heighten your awareness and enhance your intuition. It also assists in increasing creativity and raising our vibrations. This is a great shape to use when you feel unbalanced mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Use this shape to:

Connect with higher wisdom

Increase psychic abilities

Improve creativity

Manifest new desires

Inspire peace and clarity

Enhance divine communication

Ready to try out these patterns in your grid? Check out our blog post on How to Make a Crystal Grid.

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