How to make a Crystal Grid

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

I have to say, I truly enjoy making crystal grids (Don’t know what a crystal grid is, click here). To me, it provides a personal opportunity to connect and communicate with the Universe. When you use crystals as tool to communicate with the universe, you can bring upon energies that can transform your life or bring in needed energy. You can even get creative and add your own flare by adding flower pedals, seashells, photos and more. You can add anything that resonates with you! DO YOU, BOO BOO. DO YOU!

To help you get started, I have come up with a step by step guide to building your own unique crystal grid.

Crystal grid Checklist:

  • Paper or construction paper, cardboard. canvas)

  • Crystals (1 focus stone, 4-8 way stones, and 4-12 desire stones)

  • A Sacred Geometry shape

  • Smudging tool of choice (palo santo, sage, ect.)

  • (optional) A drawing medium (markers, paint, pencil,ect.)

  • Items to decorate your grid( shells, flowers, pinecones, photos, ect.)

  • Clear quartz point or wand

Step 1

Get In the Right Head space

Take a moment to center yourself, Take about 10 cleaning breaths. Breathing in for four seconds, holding it in for four seconds and breathing out for 5. Keep your breaths smooth in between transitions.

Take a moment to notice the sensations going on within your body. Your heart beat, the air filling and leaving your lungs. Now, take a moment to notice the sensations around you as well. The flow of air leaving the AC vent, the soft murmur of your roommate's TV. This is called being present. Being in the present moment, helps you to remove all of the built up riff raff we carry with us on a daily basis. It allows for a clean slate and for you to truly hear yourself and not that baggage you carry.

This is a good state to be in while building your grid. Feel your intuition. Let it take you.

Step 2

Set Your Intentions

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP IN BUILDING A CRYSTAL GRID! Hear me when I say this, when your intentions are not clear you will not manifest what you exactly want. You will get a bunch of mixed up signals. You get in what you put in. You feel me?

What is the reason behind the master plan? Lots of cash? Global domination? Puppies?! Whatever it is, you need to know the reason.

If you need help setting an intention, check out my blog post here. I got your back, bruh.

When you set your intention, write it down on a piece of paper. Keep in mind what your intention is. If you wish to release or banish something, fold the paper in half away from you and turn the paper counter clockwise, folding away from yourself until you have folded the paper enough to fit under your choice of focus stone. If you wish to attract something, do the opposite, folding the paper towards you and rotating in a clockwise manner. Everything is intentional when setting your crystal grid, these motions ensure or set the tone for the energy before you add your other elements in.

Another option would be to write your intention on the surface you wish to place your grid on. I usually do this on a canvas. I take a sharpie and write my intention on the canvas and paint over with any colors I'm feeling at the moment.

Step 3

Select Your Shape

If you don’t know what Sacred Geometry is, I suggest you baaaaaaaaack it on up and check it out. Otherwise, the rest of this won’t make sense.

It's best to choose a shape that closely matches your desires. Each shape processes an energetic map that combines and modifies the energies of the crystals. This movement is the language of the Universe.

For example, If you want to attract large sums of money, you should use The seed of Life shape. It's known to attract those dollar sign$$$$$$.

For more on these grids and what they do You can find a detailed list of the sacred geometry shapes here.

Step 4

Select Your Stones

This is my favorite part! The crystal grid starts to become alive in this step!

Get familiar with the healing attributes of crystals. This step may take some time but it is totally worth it. The crystals you choose are like the letters in the words that you speak, misspell it and who knows what you're going to get, so choose wisely.

For your grid, you will need a focus stone, a way stone and a desire stone (For more info on these stone types click here).

Here’s an example of crystal placement on a Flower of Life shape.

You see how you need multiples of the Way and Desire stones in your grid? Tumbled stones would be perfect for way and desire stones. It won't break the bank and you could get a lot of them.

Also notice the placement of the crystals. Using the shape of the grid can help you evenly distribute the crystals. With perfect alignment, you can maximize your intention and spread harmony between the physical and ethereal world.

I’ve made some awesome printouts to help you build your grids, you can find them here!

Step 5

Make It Personal

This is where you can put in your own flare onto the crystal grid. Decorate your grid with pictures, flowers, shells, feathers and jewelry! Throw some glitter on it! Put a photo of your granny on there! Or your favorite furry friend. Go crazy.

  • Seashells carry the energy of the ocean and represent peace and harmony

  • Feathers represent angelic guidance, wisdom, and insight.

  • Photograph can be helpful in grids sought to rebuild friendships

  • Flowers and foliage bring an element of growth and rejuvenation

Although this stuff is an awesome addition, it's not required. There is no need to go out there and blow your whole paycheck trying to decorate a crystal grid. It’s really up to you and how you feel.

For an additional power up, place small clear quartz points in between the stones. They will help amplify the energy built within the grid.

Step 6

Prepare Your Crystals

Before going into any work with your crystals, it is important that you clear them properly. Nothing worse than using crystals with distorted energy. How will your message be received clearly?

There are many methods to choose from when restoring your crystals back to their original vibration. Click here to learn of these methods.

Step 7

Place and Activate Your Grid

Now that you have all of your elements and your crystals are now charged and cleared. You are ready for the placement and activation of your grid.

You want to place your grid on a flat surface where it will not be easily disturbed. There is no wrong or right way on where to place your grid.Try to carve out a sacred space so your crystals can stretch their ‘energetic’ legs. You can place it anywhere you’d like, but i'd like to mention some suggestions for best results.

Firstly, I wouldn't recommend placing your crystal grid near your bed or in your bedroom (depending on your sensitivity). If you like your sleep, I wouldn't put it in your room. The amplified energy fields produced by the crystals could keep you up at night. If you are short on space, I recommend placing your grid as far away as possible from your bed. If you do find yourself up at night because of the energies, talk to your crystals. Ask them politely to turn it down for the duration of your sleep. They're not rude.

Next, I wouldn't recommend placing crystals grids near cluttered areas, electrical appliances and TVs. Cluttered areas disrupt the flow of energy. This knocks off the harmony and may slow down the process of your grid. TVs and electrical appliances also produce electromagnetic fields around them. This could alter the current energy of your crystals. Their energies could compete and slow the efficiency of your grid.

I’m a bit extra and I like to add an element of Feng Shui into the mix when deciding to place my crystal grid. For example, if I am making a grid that attracts abundance or wealth, I would want to place my grid in the SE area of my house or bedroom. This direction governs money.

If you’d like to learn more about Feng Shui, click here.

Once you have found the perfect place for your crystal grid, it is now time to activate it! For this part you can use your hand, a clear quartz crystal point or a wand.

If you don't have a clear quartz crystal or wand, you can use your hands! To start, imagine a bright white purifying light coming from the palm of your hand. Hover over the outermost crystals first and connect each one until you reach the center. Keep your breath smooth and calm as you work across the grid as you imagine connecting the crystals together. The same thing goes for when you have a clear quartz point on a wand.

Annnnnd that's it! Mote it be! Your grid is now complete! Please be sure to allow your grid to remain untouched for at LEAST 40 days!

Happy Grid Making!

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