Crystals for Abundance

Life is so much better when we have enough and have options. There are crystals that resonate with the law of attraction helping to bring you what you desire. You deserve abundance, believe it and you will achieve it. Get one step closer with these crystals for abundance.


Citrine is a heavy hitter when it comes to manifesting. This powerful stone uses its electromagnetic field to pull in what it is you wish to bring in your life. It works hand and hand with your solar plexus helping you to discover your self worth and in turn gives you the courage to take action and make decisions that lead you towards your desires. Citrine shows you that if you desire something in your life you must become it.


Malachite is the stone of transformation and risk taking. It is a master manifestor helping to see what's in your way from attracting abundance. Malachite makes you mentally abundance, keeping things in perspective and ruling out the unnecessary. This stone gives you the courage to talk risks, calculated risks, that will surely bring you success. Malachite gets you up and moving. Who ever achieved anything by being still?


I mean, look at it. It looks like gold. These beautiful stones are great to work with when you are manifesting abundance. Pyrite is an attractor crystal meaning it brings in whatever you program it to. Its strong pull puts you in position to live your wildest dreams and gives you the courage to see it through. Pyrite sets you up for success mentally and physically giving you that fire to go after the things you want with fiery hot passion.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity and considered to be one of the luckiest stones you can carry. This crystal shows it's love by presenting you with options. I mean, who does love options? With these options it increases your chances for success, but you’re already successful right?(wink, wink Law of attraction). When paired with said crystals, you build a lean mean manifesting machine which will surely bring you abundance as fast lightning!

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