Crystals and Sacred Geometry

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Crystals and Sacred Geometry (Crystal Gridwork)

Crystals have been used in so many ways throughout history. It was clear that our ancestors knew something special was about them. They wore them as talismans, amulets, worn for protection and healing ailments. They even used them to adorn caskets and tombstones to protect their deceased loved ones into the next chapter of their lives .

Through my time working with crystals, I learned about the monumental power that they possess. When paired with your intentions, it could bring about energy that can completely transform your life. Crystals possess the energy you wish to be or bring into your life and your intention is the spell that combines the two. It’s truly remarkable. When you look back and think about how they were used throughout history, and even today, you can’t help but ask, ‘What about these crystals makes them so special’?

Now, let's talk about sacred geometry. Sacred geometry can be explained as the synchronicities of the universe determined by certain mathematical constants which express themselves in the form of ‘patterns’ or ‘cycles’ in the universe or also known as the “language of the universe”. This very significance offers us a way to understand how and why the matter that we interact with is around us. It is like the blueprints to everything. EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE. It gives us a glimpse of how we are all connected, across all multiverses. We all share the same patterns and cycles. As an individual and as a whole, together we are the product of the delicate balance between chaos and order.

Okay, while you fathom that, I'm going to share some patterns for you. I won't go too much into detail about them (but you can click here to learn more about these sacred forms). That HAS to be another blog post because I will easily go off on a tangent and I don’t know if I will remember what I was trying to explain in the first place if I went down that rabbit hole.

ANYWAY, below is a picture of some of the basic shapes found in sacred geometry.

These patterns are found everywhere in nature. Just like the first shape in the picture, it's a circle. Our planets are in the shape of a circle, our cells. We started out as an egg (which is a circle) and then went through meiosis (cell division). The process of meiosis follows some of the same patterns and initially looks identical to the sacred geometry patterns as it grows. The cells kept replicating and eventually making YOU. Pretty cool huh.

Also, Crystals get their shapes based off of these same principles, or patterns, I should say. Crystals are formed by repeating patterns of a sequence based off of sacred geometry. Similar to how our bodies were formed and that too, is another blog post. We all share these forms of life. Sacred geometry explains how we are all connected. It's how we all began.

Now, getting back to what I really wanted to talk about. Which is the significance of sacred geometry and crystals. When we combine the two, we get a practice called crystal gridwork.

What is a crystal grid you ask?

It is a pattern, created using multiple crystals, that is designed to amplify your intentions. The crystals used in the grid are not random but are carefully chosen to create a harmonic relationship between the energies, shapes and colors of each crystal. The design is often based on Sacred Geometry and the basic patterns of life (as mentioned earlier).

Crystal grids can be designed and used for virtually any purpose. When the crystals are arranged properly, their energies are combined, amplified, and supported. Therefore your intention and specific needs can become focused and expands.

Here’s a crystal grid in action:

Like whaaat!?! Crystal Grids can take your crystal manifesting to a whole other level. This picture shows a crystal grid using the pattern of Metaron’s Cube. A pattern where all patterns and platonic solids can be found within it .Its meaning symbolizes protection from energies that are not aligned with you. Can you see the cube? What about the fruit of life?

There are some rose and lithium quartz, nuummite, amethyst, and selenite crystals used within the grid. A common attribute between these crystals is their relaxing nature, settling anxiety and stress. This looks like a grid to enhance and amplify mental health and grounding. This grid looks like its intent is to relieve stress and transmute negative energy into positive while finding balance and peace internally.

It is important to know the healing properties of the crystals and patterns used within a crystal grid. This could further help you bring whatever you wish to manifest into fruition. Just like the crystal grid displayed above, the intention is to increase mental health and each crystal has a role in supporting that. Thus amplifying the effect!

Crystal grids can be used for attracting abundance, mending relationships, creating opportunities, getting a good night's rest or just connecting to the divine. The possibilities are endless, crystals grids give YOU freedom to make it your own, whatever you desire. All you have to do is choose the patterns and crystals that align with your intentions.

Ready to make your own? Click here to learn how to make your own crystal grid!

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