Charging vs. Cleansing

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Charging vs. Cleansing

The ultimate debate

Alrighty people.

It’s time to talk crystals.

Our topic for today is: Charging vs. Clearing.

What is the difference between charging and clearing crystals? Is either method better than the other? Can one be used in place of each other? What are the similarities? What is charging? What is clearing? With all those questions being asked, I'm sure you are ready for some answers.

As I’ve done my research, I have found that charging and cleansing have been used interchangeably. For a second, I was convinced they were the same, until now. Let me show you what I’ve learned.

Before we explore the many questions that I’ve asked. Let’s find out the actual meaning of what cleansing and charging are.

To clear a crystal is returning it back to its natural healing vibrational state.

To charge a crystal is to increase or amplify the crystal current vibrational state.

When you finally separate the two, you can see that these two terms are very different. I’ve learned that charging crystals isn't really the right term. Turns out, crystals don’t really need to be charged. They ARE energy. They have all the energy they will every need and will never run out.

According to Naisha Ashian, from the Crystalis Institute of Personal and Planetary Transformation, you don’t really have to charge your crystals if you are clearing them properly.

Let’s look at crystals from a different perspective. Like, an electromagnetic oscillator( I know, fancyyy), for example. Just a ball of energy, continuously moving and changing, absorbing and giving off energy. So, crystals regularly vibrate or pulse with energy they receive from an external source. That external source is mainly from our lovely planet, Earth. A crystal will naturally vibrate with a particular frequency set that is contained within the Earth’s light body (its electromagnetic field).

You following me still? I know I tend to get all Bill Nye. Listen, SCIENCE RULES.

We have been taught that crystals absorb energy and when its reached full capacity, it does not have anymore energy, thus, leading us to charge them. Crystals are not entirely like sponges. They have a continuous flow of energy that we can draw upon.

With that being said, when crystals absorb energies, whether it be negative or positive. It changes the energetic state of the crystal. Nothing bad has happened. It just means that its not at the state in which you want to take advantage of its healing properties. When it is in that state, it’s time to clear them. A clean slate, if you would.

Let’s say you have a crystal that absorbs negative energy, right? Now that negative energy is within the crystal and you take it outside to charge in the sun or moon light like they taught us. Remember that definition of what charging meant? Right, so now we have a crystal that has an altered vibrational state and we charge it, thus increasing its current energetic state. It's not vibrating at its natural energy anymore. We haven't removed any energy that the crystal has absorbed, we merely just amplified it. BUM BUM BUUUUUUM!

Man, we have been FUCKING up.

This really makes a lot of sense. Charging is not clearing and clearing is not charging when we look at crystals as a form of energy. WHICH THEY ARE.

Now, I'm not saying that you should NEVER charge your crystals again, but it will be more beneficial to clear them first. Restore it to it’s natural healing vibration and THEN Amplify it. You feel me? All the methods for charging and clearing still applies, it just matter what you decide to do first.

*drops mic*


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