Printable Sacred Geometry 

Pattern Sheets

Put your intentions out there in the universe with these Sacred Geometry patterns. Each patter possesses an attribute that enhances you intentions and puts in a form where the universe can understand. Ask and you shall receive :).

Before you get started, I recommend reading this blog post on the structure of crystal grids

The Circle

  • Oneness

  • Completion

  • Unity

The Square

  • Enhanced unity

  • Connection

  • Balance

The Triangle

  • Divine communication

  • Connect to higher wisdom

  • Manifest new desires

The Star Of David

  • Union between worlds

  • Peace

  • Symmetry

The Vesica Pisces

  • Harmony and balance

  • Understanding

  • Connection

Borromean Rings

  • Unity

  • Miracles

  • Teamwork and cooperation

The Seed of Life

  • Attract good luck

  • Creativity

  • Strong will power

The Flower of Life

  • Renewal

  • Manifestation

  • Wisdom

Metatron's Cube

  • Protection

  • Synchronicity

  • Inspiration

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