Attraction Bath Ritual


A ritual bath that can be used to clear electromagnetic blockages and open yourself to attracting love and abundance. Do this ritual at least once or twice a month.


What you’ll need:


  • Bath salts (epsom)

  • Cleansed and charged rose quartz or citrine 

  • 2 candles- 1 pink, 1 green

  • Meditation/relaxing music 

  • Cleansing tool

  • Rose petals

  • Cinnamon essential oil


What to do:


  1. Light your smudge tool, open a window, if available. Take time to cleanse you, your ritual items and the bathroom.

  2. Recite the following, as you move clockwise around the bathroom, ensuring you smudge in the corners: “My space is cleansed, my space is safe, only love and light may enter”. Repeat this chant for the duration of the cleansing.

  3. Run the bath water. Be sure to thank the water as you add your bath salts. Visualize yourself pouring white light into the tub as you add the salts and essential oil.

  4. Find a safe and visible location to place your crystals and candles. Put a few drops of the cinnamon essential oil in your palm and anoint the candles. Rubbing the candles back and forth in your palms

  5. Next, grab your rose petals in your hands and hold them to your heart. Take 5 deep cleansing breaths and recite the following affirmation: “With this bath, I open all doors to attractiveness. People are attracted to me in amazing ways, the right people want to be my friends and lovers, and they want to help me in all my endeavors. Money flows to me in bountiful ways and I always have enough. The right doors are opening for me now. This is completely and entirely in accordance with my well being.”

  6. Drop each petal in, thanking them for the work they are about to do.

  7. As you soak in the bath, place  the rose quartz on your heart.Take a few deep breaths, take this time to communicate with your crystal. Ask for guidance, ask your rose quartz to reveal what it is that is holding you back from receiving abundance. As you breathe, visualize those obstacles evaporating away.

  8. Now take your citrine and place it on your 3rd eye. Visualize that all they desire is already in your possession. Incorporate your senses by imagining what it would feel like if you had what you wanted. What would it look like? Does it have a taste? Let your imagination run wild.

  9. Just Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax. Soak in the tub for 20 mins or however long you’d like.

  10. When you are ready, snuff out the candles and say” I am ready to manifest love and abundance”. Drain your bath and take the rose petals and bury them in the ground outside. Be sure to thank the rose petals and the Earth for their service :). 


Happy Manifesting!